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Kapsons - retail chain of all the international and national Brands in India

KAPSONS  is a retail chain fore multi brands. A one stop shop for various international and national clothing and accessories brands. Kapsons is a bequest of never ending growth, The group is a brain child of two brothers Mr. Vipin Kapoor and Mr. Darpan kapoor. Started with an idea of retailing of readymade garments , the store has now grown up as a multi branded outlet with all the leading brands available under one roof.
Kapsons group started its journey with play boy Fashion sport( old name of Kapsons) in 1989. Play boy fashion sport encompassed in its ambit needs of all genera like Kid’s , Women and men. Then after group concentrated on exclusively and thus came into emergence exclusively Men store, Kapsons with the opening of its first store in the hub of the city beautiful- Chandigarh and soon became the most popular and favorite shopping point for the fashion conscious people. Kapsons exclusively for the fashion alert people who are looking for right product line and product mix. . It has positioned itself as a name to reckon with in North India. And it’s on the path of progress to establish pan-India presence.
With the passage of time, Kapsons has diversified into Retail of high end branded garments for men, women and kids, has ventured into distribution, master franchisee and franchisee of prominent national and international brands and is constantly providing IT Solutions to major brands through its software division
Kapsons has successfully proved its prominence in all sectors.
Kapsons’s biggest strength is to understand fashion trends much before time and deliver the same at the right time to the right customer.

Our team of merchandisers is always on a move to present the best of the industry’s merchandise to its customers. The trust of our customers is the greatest asset. And it’s our constant endeavor to offer best services and manage the relationships with our customers through loyalty programs. To offer royal privileges, we have initiated “Kapsons Royale Club” for our customers. We proudly say that 35-40% sale revenue of Kapsons comes from the Royale Club. We strictly adhere to the highest level of quality standards in all our process, products and procedures. International infrastructure and architecture create a world-class ambience in all our establishments.

The young, professional and energetic team of Kapsons is its biggest strength.  Young professionals from different fields are hired and trained rigorously to deliver their best and surge higher on their growth curve. The excellent environment at our head office with  dedicated training and planning stimulate smooth operations of our organization

Kapsons boasts of trust of 3 million customers, 130 selling points with a turnover of above 300 crores, walk ins of 50 lac customers per annum, selling 10 lac pieces per annum, distributorship of 15 leading international brands, and a workforce of more than 1300 professionals. With its dedication and commitment, Kapsons has received recognition at PAN India level in terms of Customer Service, Distribution and Quality management. Kapsons Group has been exhibiting its elegance in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu and NCR with 14 Multi Brand Outlets, 98 Exclusive Brands outlets and 18 Krome stores. We are also establishing our newest stores in Delhi and Jammu expanding our presence.
At Kapsons, we have always given due emphasis to our back end office. Keeping the future expansion in mind, we have designed and developed our head office at Mohali which will act as  the distribution centre and take care of all back end processes.

Kapsons chain:
In the retail verticle, we have several segments of showrooms named as Kapsons, Kapsons Exclusive, Kapsons Juniors, Krome and our EBO’s.
·        Kapsons is a name synonymous with elegance.
A family store with premium international brands, our products are showcasing the rich diversity of dressing. Spectacular designs that can match any international standards, impeccable styles that attract attention of all ages have made the products popular among people across the Country.
Our showroom in Chandigarh, Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar and Bathinda are displaying prominence of our products and have become a part of the lifestyle and fashion of people here.
·        Kapson Juniors -  is the one-stop-shop for fashion conscious kids and moms.
We explore all over the fashion world for the best brands and accumulate the finest pieces for everyone from tiny toddlers to teenagers

Winning their heart and soul it has carved out a niche for itself with 10 stores. Kapsons Juniors has positioned itself as the most preferred destination for kids’ garments, toys, accessories. Envisaging an accelerated rate of growth, we are getting equipped to face the future.
·        Kapsons Exclusive- deals exclusively for women presenting the latest fashion in vogue. Intermixing brands and styles, we present an elegant range of clothing for women of all age-groups
·        KROME - Enriched with a youthful look, young team and products for the youths, the Krome aspires to offer the best of fashion and services. 
The product line for youngsters unleashes a new phase where the youth enjoy shopping for all occasions under one roof.
Krome provides a fresh new shopping experience through scientifically designed interiors by professionals from Delhi and inputs from retail pioneers.
What’s more, the right ambience being created with a DJ console playing the hot and favorite numbers has made KROME the perfect hangout for the young generation.
In a short span of one year it has established a remarkable presence with 9 stores across north India.

·        EBOs - Kapsons Group has also ventured into franchise business and manages franchisees of Premium International Brands namely GANT, Calvin Klein, Tommy hilfiger and FCUK. The stores offer premium international clothing and accessories to fashion conscious citizens of the region and satiate their need for high end fashion with the right product mix in the right ambience.
Through an array of group companies the Kapsons group is expanding its business empire.
Kapsons Agencies deals with distributorship of 15 leading brands and takes care of their entire business operations in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana,J&K, and Himachal. We are the master franchisee and have the distribution rights of all these brands in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Chandigarh.
Through strategic relationships with these renowned brands of the world, we present their Exclusive Brand Outlets. People from all age groups discover the products from the brands of their choice in an ambience that reflect the level of excellence that we have helped the brands to achieve. Apart from this we also manage the business operations and processes of leading international brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Gant, GAS, FCUK , Sisley,  S’oliver,
Forever New, Alcott, Espirit and ENERGIE in the upper North. Our retail experts offer valuable insights and assistance to these brands in terms of business operations and growth prospects in the region.
·        Vertical business  
Kapsons Solutions offers impeccable software solutions to its clients across North India. With its latest products and outstanding software solutions to various businesses, helping them is smooth functioning of processes and providing better business opportunities. Kapsons Solution has won the trust of 500 clients and is scaling further heights.

Events and campaigns:
For us, the trust of our customers is the biggest asset. We leave no stone unturned to be a part of celebrations in their lives. Together we grow and together we celebrate.
Corporate social responsibility:
Kapsons aspires to be a part in the social development and contributes generously in various initiatives as a part of its corporate social responsibilities.
We boast of our initiative named “Kanya” for the underprivileged girl child to  help  her  read,  write  and  hopefully  re-write  her  own  future.
Besides, we envisage a greener world. And take all possible steps to protect the environment through our “Think Green, Go Green” initiative. Many significant initiatives have already been taken by us in this respect.
The dressing sense makes a loud statement of a person’s demeanor. This is the fact that we take good care of. Garments offered by us are constantly receiving accolades across India as well as international recognition.
Crossing over the confinements of geographical boundaries, we are exhibiting our eminence beyond the borders.

The mission that we started from “The City Beautiful” will be accomplished in spreading the beauty to every Indian. 

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